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Your donation will go directly to our research at The Duke Cancer Institute.

Our research is focused on metastasis, the ultimate cause of death for over 90% of cancer patients.

Using a new set of tools developed in our lab, we’ve found a new pathway to metastasis. Now, we’re trying to find new treatments to shut down this metastatic pathway.

Your gift will have multiple benefits for the lab:
1) Funds for research allow us to continue our work to stop the number one cause of death for cancer patients.
2) Our lab’s close connections with world renowned physicians and veterinarians allow us to rapidly move any discoveries in the lab to clinical trials in dog and human patients.
3) Our lab is a training ground for the next generation of scientists at all career levels, from high school and college to medical residents and post-doctoral fellows. Your donation will pay for the supplies we need for these budding scientists to make the next discoveries.