Riding4Research Day 66 Damascus, VA > Hanging Rock State Park, NC 106 miles

There were a crushing number of hills today.  I was able to finish one
of the tougher ones, at the base of Mt. Rogers, before the heat of the day
came on.


Then it was onto Carolina!  I struck a familiar pose at the same state sign
some 8 years earlier.


The joy of being back in my home state was short lived for now, as the traffic got pretty bad.  And it finally rained in earnest.  Coupled with narrow roads,
about 30 times today I drove into grass/yards/driveways to let motorists
and heavy trucks pass. One of the challenges of biking in a densely
populated state.

East of Mt. Airy, I thought the App climbs were largely done, having ascended
to 3000 feet (from 1000) a couple times today.  Wrong!  For some reason,
most publicly operated campgrounds are as far off the biker’s road of transit
as one can imagine.  Hanging Rock State Park’s campground was literally a
thousand foot elevation gain steep climb in the dark.  Wish I had known that
beforehand.  With no other campgrounds or hotels in the area, I would have
pitched my tent in a hayfield to save my legs!

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