Riding4Research Day 63 Berea>Hazard, KY 51 miles

In my struggles across this state I have been trying to figure out
what kind of place Kentucky really is.  Take the natural beauty.
It is so pretty but trash litters every single road…lots of trash.

Is Kentucky good for biking?  On face value, most definitely, this has
been the physically most demanding stretch of my entire trip.  There
is no serious elevation in this state but the hills are relentless,
there is not a flat stretch anywhere.  If I was serious about bike racing,
this would be a good place to train.  But for biking road
quality, people drive at breakneck speeds on really narrow roads. This
creates a pretty tough situation for safety.  And I have seen zero bikes

The other big thing, when one has high speed traffic, lots of traffic volume, and windy narrow
roads is dead animals…dead animals are everywhere.  In the summer heat
this creates quite the odor.  Couple that odor with the smell of poultry
and swine farms, it creates, for me anyway, this confused state of affairs where the scenery is good but
its not, where the riding you can get in a groove but you cannot fully.
Then there is the people element of Kentucky.  The rate of smoking is
through the roof.  People are quite friendly here but they seem to march
to the beat of a different drummer.  On one stretch yesterday I passed
three houses back-to-back-to-back right by the road.  On all there sat
people smoking, waving at me, and leisurely watching there snappy snarly dogs chase me.  Its as if they’re thinking, ‘this is the way the world turns around and I am perfectly OK with it.’

Someday I’ll have to come back to Kentucky and get off the road system.
Maybe that will give me a different perspective on the place!

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