Riding4Research Day 62 Loretto > Berea, KY 82 miles

When I was in the west I had kind of forgotten about Kentucky.  Mistake!   Hills, hills, hills.  Plus heat, trucks, and narrow roads.  Even with Jill taking my bike bags today I really struggled.  Back in Fort Collins my new made friend Nate did a really nice job of getting the shifting right.  This really helped today.  I would bomb as fast as possible downhill then rapidly shift all the way back to low gears going up the next hill, and repeat that process like 200 times today.

I’ve come to know that the last parts of these big journeys is the toughest part.  Last night I dreamed that I was in some deep view-less valley with no exit in sight.  The way home was blocked by hills.  I was in Kentucky.

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