Riding4Research Day 61 Fordsville > Loretto, KY 95 miles

A complete copy of Day 60.  I covered 90 miles of real backroads today.  The motorists on these narrow strips of pavement didn’t seem thrilled about slowing for me, but I am glad that they did.

What a paradox about biking here.  There are so many good roads for biking and the state is quite scenic, but there are zero bicyclists.  People still smoke in public places here and it looks like, generally speaking, exercise is not a real common thing in western Kentucky.  So I definitely felt like a one-man band, in my bike garb, moving through the scenic countryside on another way hot and humid day.

Jill and Quelly came out to visit me in this final phase of my journey.  Here is me and my mutt after 2 months apart, she hardly recognized me!…..


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