Riding4Research Day 59 Omega>Shawneetown, IL 98 miles

In a previous post I had commented that the amount of clean riding in the US and Canada is really low, so much so that I would not suggest bike touring in these countries!  That’s a big statement but unless you are undertaking an eye-popping, leg-burning journey for a charitable cause, long distance biking is likely a lot better in other continents (western Europe for sure).  With that said, to my surprise I was able to find some really ‘clean’ riding in  central Illinois on some county roads….lightly traveled, well maintained, and through some rolling farmland.  About 60 miles of pedaling today was through some of these roads, a very pleasant and welcome change from the thousands of miles of poor roads and heavy traffic that I’ve encountered, even while being vigilant to taking supposedly vetted bike routes (such as Canada’s mythical ‘Great Trail’).     This is where a GPS has been super helpful.  But occasionally one has to stop and stare and the screen, with the fine print!  A lady today stopped and asked if I needed directions.  She asked where I was heady.  I said Kentucky.  She said I was crazy.  She would have had me locked up if she had known the real breadth of my trip!  Thankfully for both parties involved, I didn’t tell her.

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