Riding4Research Day 57 Pittsfield>Taylorville, IL 87 miles

An amazingly tough day for being so flat, owing to a 15 mph easterly headwind.


My head was staring into the pavement for long enough that I thoughts about a top ten list of stuff I had seen on the road since my last list roughly a month ago, and its disposition:

  1. New mens XXL camo hunting jacket (left it at a campground for the taking).
  2. Patagonia L fleece hoodie (left it hanging on a fence post, too small for me)
  3. Brand new fishing lure in the bag (gave it away to a fisherman)
  4. Flat headed shovel, excellent condition (left it in the breakdown lane)
  5. Good needle nose pliers (gave it to a couple from PA, motorcycle mechanics)
  6. Adjustable wrench (kept it!)
  7. Mens cotton hoodie, size XXL (left it in the ditch)
  8. Steelhead fly (kept it for good luck!)
  9. Pitchfork (left it in the breakdown lane)
  10. 2 shucked whole ears of corn (see Kansas kurling from previous post!)

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