Riding4Research Day 56 Macon, MO>Pittsfield, IL 102 miles

My dreams of getting a fat tailwind across the prairie were dashed with a headwind today.  But it was cooler, which helped tremendously.    And I had no trip-suspending headwinds which could have easily occurred anywhere over the past 1000 miles.

I finally, after all these days, crossed the Mississippi River, at Hannibal, MO.  I snapped a quick photo in the middle of the bridge, nervous about the high speed traffic.  I was shocked by how much the trucks were shaking the bridge on the way across to the east side of the river.


The 30 or so miles between the river and Pittsfield were really pleasant as I found some quiet and smooth roads.  Here the landscape is starting to transition back to woodland interspersed with agricultural fields, I think the endless cornfields of the main part of the Midwest are behind me.  I am glad I did a Kansas kurl when I had the chance!….


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