Riding4Research Day 53 Lovewell State Park > Seneca, KS 117 miles

Kansas is really quite a pretty state.  My best riding today was is the first part of the morning while the air was cool.  I caught some back roads out of Lovewell State Park and saw a lot of wildlife as I wound through some deserted roads cutting through seemingly endless corn fields and soybean fields…..


The folks here are very friendly too.  By 10 AM I was in a diner eating a second lunch and about a dozen friendly folks altered me to a couple on the loose from Kansas City, wanted for murder, and last seen in the area within the past 24h.   One man told me not to stop for hitchhikers (he knew I was on a bike).  I am struggling enough…could you imagine giving somebody a free ride on my bike!?   A convict could be a bit squirmy too.  At least the load in my paniers doesn’t move a whole lot, save for the jiggling of the half-full Gatorade bottles.

By mid afternoon it was 95 degrees and I decided to press on.  I had a feeling of deep exhaustion in the pretty town of Marysville that I was able to shake and torque out 30 more miles across the hot and dry countryside full of soy and corn.  Wow, this state knows agriculture.

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