Riding4Research Day 49 Briggsdale > Akron, CO 96 miles

Colorado has two halves…a west half and an east half.  They feel like two completely different states.  The mountains are everything in the west half but the wind dominates in the east half.   For the first part of Day 49 my dreams of a nice prairie tailwind were dashed as I pedaled slowly through a 15 mph headwind.   These were tough miles were I was forced to stare at the pavement to avoid sitting up and catching wind in my chest.

I found myself at the crossroads of a windswept town called Sterling in the midafternoon and pondering which way to go.  I have a lot of east to get home and a little bit of south.  I decided to turn south for forty miles.  Kindof of a right triangle day of riding, obviously the hypotenuse would have been shorter if it existed!  I thought of a website that suggests, for a enjoyable bike tour, fly to the middle of the country, simply pedal downwind everyday, and fly back out of the nearest airport when your vacation is over.

There were two obvious possibilities with photos today.  One centered around the endless herds of cows that stared at me very confusedly as I slowly pedaled by.  The other was this colorful mural in Sterling that grabbed my attention, especially since the town doesn’t have a bike shop!


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