Riding4Research Day 46 Rawlins, WY > Cowdrey, CO 94 miles

Today I felt a lot better and was able to pedal my way into Colorado
late in the day.  The scenery returned as the drab scrubland of
central Wyoming transitioned into forested hills of the Medicine
Bow and Routt National Forests.   My fly fishing gear recently shipped home, I pedaled by numerous creeks that looked likely spots to catch trout.

Right before I left WY I took a short video on the road quality.
The roads were generally very good here, better than Montana by
a long shot.  Five miles after I took this video I entered Colorado
and the shoulder completely disappeared.  One always has to be ready
for changing conditions on a bike tour.  Sorry about the wind that hurts the audio quality, but you’ll probably get the drift!  File size is big, I will ask Jason to upload to the Facebook page.


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