Riding4Research Day 45 Middle of Nowhere > Rawlins, WY 55 miles

This was the toughest day of biking so far.  A stomach bug descended on me in the middle of the night.  Getting sick and no sleep far from home is no fun. Somehow I slowly and gingerly packed up my gear.  The going was slow and weak without dinner the night before or breakfast, too ill.   I pushed through nausea, headwinds, and tough traffic.    No photos today, too tired to do anything except just turn the pedals over.  Rawlins, WY, a drab city on I 80, was sure a beautiful sight when it appeared.

Eastern Wyoming, and the rest of the west, for that matter, is a long way between spaces.  Yesterday I pedaled 50 miles between water, rest areas, and pull outs.  There was nothing but sage bushes and the invisible wind.  Finally, after 40 miles I found a turnout and took a nap, just had to roll out my sleeping pad and crash.  It worked…felt a bit better after my snoring woke me up!  As of this morning (day 46), feeling better and have my appetite back.  Time to keep on rolling south and east.

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