Riding4Research Day 44 Shoshoni > Middle of Nowhere, WY 88 miles


This turned out to be a tough day.  A major theme of this trip has
turned out to be the heat.  Ever since interior Alaska it really has not
left me.  And here we are, already 10 weeks after the solitice, and
the heat is still as hot as a furnace, way up here in Wyoming, not
exactly a southern state, and at 6000 feet elevation, not exactly sea level.
I think the heat snuck up on me  today.  I navigated a tough hill (see videos at end of post).  While these hills were  short in the whole scheme of things, I think this is where I started feeling off.  The sandwich  I devoured at the top of the hill never sat right with me.  And I  found myself thinking I would pay $100 for a 5 minute swim in a high  mountain lake.  While there are a lot of high mountain lakes just NW of me, in  the beautiful Wind River range, there were none where I pedaled today.
Not only that, there was no water period, except for a really nice guy
from Atlanta who stopped with his Dad to give me some water and a rest
area in the middle of nowhere where I downed as much water as possible before feeling nausea descend over me.  I could feel my energy fading late in the day, a puny hill ate me up, heat exhaustion I guess.  Right now it is 8:30 PM and still 85F here.   Skipped dinner, will try to get some good Z’s at my makeshift campsite on  the side of the road.  Somebody please send snow and ice!  The sun is cooking me!   Anything that resembles warm weather gear is getting donated or sent home once I lose  elevation!

Will post the videos to Facebook, file size big!

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  1. Middle of Nowhere… I like that.
    Expeditions are so variable but also similar, right?
    What a great dedicated cause.
    Good going, Paul… Riding on vs metastasic.

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