Riding4Research Day 42 Shoshone National Forest > Meteetse, WY 70 miles


I broke the day into two very different halves.  It was so good to get a good
night’s sleep at a quiet campground in the beautiful Shoshone National Forest,
a coveted change after staying in noisy and often crowded places.  I made 40 miles down the river valley to Cody where I got some information
on the fishing.  Between the start of my riding at 7 AM and Cody at 10 AM
the temperature had gone from 40 to 85 degrees!


I fished for a bit in the beautiful Shoshone River, managed to catch and release three nice trout, then made my way to the sleepy town of Meteetse, WY starting at 6 pm.  It was still 90 degrees when I started pedaling again, it is so hot here in the desert even though I am quite far north.  A least the sun was starting to set and I made my way in the last 10 miles in the dark.  A few mule deer in the middle of the road were surprised by me pedaling through the darkness!


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