Riding4Research Day 40 Ennis>West Yellowstone, MT 73 miles

Uphill all day long in the beautiful Madison River valley.
Fished to work out my harms, biked to work out my legs, and
swam on five different occasions to break the heat!

I gained some 2500 feet of elevation today and, along with
a rough road and heavy traffic, it felt like work.  I have to
keep shaking myself that this is the end of August.  At one lake
I passed, just east of Yellowstone Park, there were jet boaters,
water skiers, and people swimming.  I get the sense that if
you don’t like intense sunshine then this is not a good place to

Amazingly I popped another tube, my 2nd of the week, I guess it goes
to show the law of averages kicking in after 15000 miles of bike
touring and not getting a flat except for overheating my wheel rims
from braking too much downhill.

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