Riding4Research Day 39 Glen > Ennis, MT 85 miles

Today before the road turned busy I was able to peel off
about 20 easy miles through quiet roads winding through
sagebrush country.


The wildlife is abundant in the river
bottom areas of this desert, and I saw lots of deer
in crossing the many creeks and irrigation ditches that bisected
the road.

Either my fishing skills have deteriorated or the trout on
the famous Montana rivers have gotten smarter.  I rushed
through a few sessions on the Ruby, Beaverhead, and Madison Rivers
and was skunked!

The afternoon featured narrow roads and a nasty climb out to the
top of the pass separating the Ruby and Madison Rivers.  I then
descended into the beautiful Madison River valley.

It is only fitting that I pedal through here on my Ride 4 Research.  Mom
taught me how to fish and this is one of the most famous and beautiful
rivers on the world to angle for wild trout!



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  1. Sounds like amazing country you are going through! So interesting to hear about these obscure pockets of the country most people don’t see.

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