Riding4Research Day 38 Wisdom > Glen, MT 74 miles

Just a great day of riding.  I had downhill and
down wind the whole day as I pedaled down the
beautiful Big Hole River Valley.


Temperatures were about perfect, there was very little traffic,
and the wildlife was everywhere; I saw deer, moose,
elk and antelope.  Bird sightings included golden
eagles and bald eagles, whooping cranes, and four species
of hawks.

I was hoping for better luck fishing.  I stopped maybe half a dozen
times and cast to a lot of picky fish.  I went through one
swarm of a mayfly hatch where I had to cover my mouth!  So
the fish were not in need of a fake fly when thy had so many
juicy real ones.  When all those little mayflies died maybe
an hour after hatching, I didn’t have a fly to match the spinner
stage.  Technical fly fishing while biking is tough but fun
to try nonetheless.  At least I didn’t freeze fly fishing in
my bike shorts and a pair of tennis shoes (got some weird looks from a few passing motorists).  And I managed
several whitefish plus a grayling…the latter being a rare catch
in the lower 48.

Here’s a short video clip of the typical riding today…as usual, my media doesn’t do the beauty justice!


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