Riding4Research Day 37 Lake Como>Wisdom, MT 67 miles

Pedaling in the dark confuses one as to whether they are going uphill or down.    I realized this morning that I was going way uphill to Lake Como the night before.  So I made 5 easy miles back down to the quaint little town of Darby.

Where does the time go?   An hour for a late breakfast and blog, 45 minutes talking to strangers about my cause, an hour to catch 4 pretty cutthroat trout in the Bitterroot River, and 90 minutes to creek up the Lost Trail Pass at the tippy top of the Bitterroot Valley.  That climb was tough….7 miles at 6 percent grade, where I daydreamed of more stuff I could send home.  As if by some miracle, at the start of the climb, a major cloudbank slid over me and saved me from the heat. I still blew through half a gallon of water on the climb where I just wanted to keep in motion.

The top of Lost Trail Pass is a big divide…change of drainages…now back in the Atlantic for the time being!  And it is the state border…I ceremoniously pedaled into Idaho (first time in 8 years) for 100 feet and turned around!

In the early evening I pedaled down a deserted road into the beautiful Big Hole River Valley.  I saw the first lynx of my life in the forest near the top of the pass.  And I did a bit of fishing.  Brook trout are not native here but are wild as the day is long, and gullible to a grasshopper imitation.    We’re in the process of uploading a couple fun videos to my Facebook account, the file size too big for this blog, but fun watching if you get a chance.

As I write this (morning of Day 38), Wisdom Montana is 40 degrees and wood smoke is coming out of the chimneys of the little houses in this high altitude cowboy town.  The waitress at the café here has loaded me up with 4 cups of coffee, so no excuses not to pedal and fly cast!

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