Riding4Research Day 31 Dickey Lake>Kalispell, MT 48 miles

Montana is on fire too!   This morning I pedaled from beautiful Dickey Lake down to Kalispell.  The haze of fire smoke is everywhere and a local bike shop owner in Whitefish told me their last substantial rain was 45 days ago.

The next three days will be zero days as I try to recover a bit from the last ~2500 miles.   My body is sore.  My breakfast on this zero day (Day 32) consisted of 4 large pancakes and a 12-egg cheese omelet.   I guess I am trying to recover some calories.

I look forward to seeing the sights in beautiful Glacier National Park.  Tomorrow I might do something stupid and pedal up the Going to the Sun Road…but sans paniers!  (so not totally stupid!).  It is supposed to be one of the nation’s best rides, maybe I can get on the road before the tourist traffic gets to it.

At this, near the midway point of my big ride, I want to thank all the sponsors and donors to the Riding4Research cause.  As we work towards our fundraising goal please continue to spread the message about my ride and Dr. Somarelli’s research into fighting metastatic cancers at the Duke Cancer Institute.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a couple more video clips from Jasper/Banff, my favorite stretch of the trip so far.  One is from the top of Bow Pass while the other is from mighty Abathasca Falls near the headwaters of this major Canadian River.  Put these parks on your list of must-see places!


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