Riding4Research Day 30 Wasa, BC > Dickey Lake, MT 102 miles

Today I pushed out of Canada and straight back into the States.  My goal was follow the Great Trail all the way across our big neighbor to our North but I got pretty spooked by a couple days with some wicked truck traffic and very high speeds by the motorists. After 17,000 miles of bike touring I am not kidding myself by thinking that the roads in the U.S. will be all peaches and cream but I am hopeful when the going gets tough here I will have more alternate route choices.


After a long and wickedly hot day pedaling, there is no greater feeling in the world then finding a safe, comfortable campsite before dark and taking a swim in a clean mountain lake.    I took a refreshing dip in Dickey Lake just as the light was leaving the sky and felt like a new man.   Sleep came very, very easily after another long day of heat, hills, and an unrelenting southerly headwind.

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