Riding4Research Day 27 Jasper National Park > Banff National Park, Alberta 78 miles

This will go down as a defining day in my ride across the continent.
I climbed two spectacular mountain passes.  It seems as if a common
thread for a lot of road climbing in the mountains is bad weather,
narrow roads, and heavy traffic.  Everybody wants to see the mountain
scenery, myself included.  A lot of Canada was in Jasper/Banff today.
Cars flew by me all day long.  At the top of the first 2000 meter
rainy and windswept pass, near the Columbia Icefield, several
parking attendants engaged in traffic control.


But the scenery is world-class, that’s why people come here.
On the second climb to a big pass today the traffic had dropped out.
As if to reward my efforts to get to the top, the sun popped out
and a rainbow appeared right in front of me.  Taylor Thomas
from Eyedyed Photography (www.eyedyed.com) jumped out of his
car and announced he had some photos of me preparing for a cold descent
off of Bow Pass.  Yes, cold!   The temperature had dropped 50 degrees F
since the scorching Day 25.

One of the more interesting parts of the day was me stopping to help a motorist change a flat tire.  He insisted I take 3 beers!  I carried all three up Bow Pass, and only when I was going downhill did I find somebody to give them away to!

Here’s a few scenes from today.  The mountain vistas are jaw-dropping
here and these parks are worth a driving or backpacking
visit by any reader of this blog.



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