Riding4Research Day 25 McBride>Moose River, BC 75 miles


The heat was real trouble today. A lady at a hotel showed
me the instrument gauge there: I read it myself at 4 PM: 38 C.
I felt as though I was biking in a brick kiln.  A mosquito
could have pushed me backwards.   My first of four swims
in mountain rivers was not the best choice, as a swarm
of white-faced hornets found me as I was bushwhacking
to the river.  Five or so stings happened pretty quick.
As a kid I would have taken my baseball bat to that big
old paper nest! I can hear my Mom yelling at me to leave
it alone and instead let Dad take care of.

I’ve re-entered the incredible Canadian Rockies.  Based on
the road traffic, half the population of Canada has too!
I pedaled right by the amazing Mt. Robson, the second most
stunning mountain I have ever peered at (behind the Matterhorn).  It rises some 10,000 feet above the road I was pedaling on.  It is such an
unusual feeling to have such wilderness views right off such a busy road.

All the views of the peaks as I soon enter Jasper National Park are
through intense forest fire smoke.  It is so dry I was scared even
to use my propane cook stove for coffee.  One guy I met today said
he had a fire flare up right before his eyes at a rest stop he and his
family had pulled over at.  Both the sun and the moon for the past
couple days/nights have looked like pale orange lollipops in the sky.

I also stopped by the memorial for Terry Fox.  A mountain here in named
after him (he was from BC).  His was an amazing journey some 35 years ago,
also to help fight cancer.


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