Riding4Research Day 23 Bear Lake>Purden Lake, BC 85 miles

I had an intense amount of truck traffic as I approached Ft. George.
Here’s a short video clip of some of it.


I later learned that Ft. George has 3 mills that are supplying saw
logs and chips for paper. One wonders where it all goes and if the
rate of harvest is sustainable.

Late in the day I, just as I was feeling free
of traffic heading east towards Jasper out of Prince George, I came
across this rough looking scene, a re-enforcement of my view that
tired driving, high mass, and fast speed is bad combination.  It was disturbing peeking down into the big rig, whose window was wide open, almost as if inviting nature to slowly reclaim an unhinged monster.



Alas, I did make it to Prince George with some careful riding and a lot
of stopping.  When I could hear a logging truck coming I would
pull way over into the dirt, stop pedaling and let it blow by.  Then
I would pedal like mad until the next logging truck approached,
and repeat process.  I wonder if this aversion of logging trucks
is a natural evolution from my childhood trips with Mom and Dad.
Mom used to make Dad pull way over for road-hogging logging trucks
in Maine, so I must have learned the lesson well!

As I suspected, my bike had a lot of issues, and the Ruckus Bike
Shop in Prince George was super in fixing my bike of many issues.
For the last few miles today, with the Yellowhead Highway free of traffic,
all I could hear was my huffing and puffing as the bike was almost dead
quiet under me.  As the traffic peeled away, naturally the good stuff
came back along the road: a big white tail deer buck, a coyote, and
a barred owl that stared at me from a hemlock tree as I crept passed
it up a long hill.

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