Riding4Research Day 21 Hudson’s Hope>Pine Pass, BC 90 miles

I was hoping that the traffic would have cleared out a bit
more on this hot day in the middle of BC.  The weirdest
thing about this place is that you can feel like your in the middle
of the wilderness then 5 trucks will blow by you
on a road barely wide enough for a horse and buggy and a road
with no services, meaning like sometimes you feel as if you should
have the place to yourself.  I guess
that’s the normal in mountainous terrain with few connector roads
compared to the flatlands.  The transportation is relegated to
the few ribbons of blacktop passing through the steep mountain terrain.

When I lost the shoulder today on BC Hwy 97 going to Prince
George, it made me realize all over again how little clean riding
any bike rider has outside of northwestern Europe.  By clean riding
I mean a smooth road, good shoulder, and light traffic.  Mom would
be calling the police to find me a new route right about now,
and the whole thing would become a quagmire based on the
forst fires that rage in southern BC….road safety and fire safety
might be routing me in two different directions!

At least the scenery returned.  By evening I had pushed close to
Pine Pass and the tall mountains towered over me all over again.
This would be a good place to meet Sasquatch.  Maybe he’ll tap
on my tent tonight and we can have a cup of tea and a plate of cookies
together.  I am certainly in a good spot to meet up, right on the banks of the
Pine River. I had to ditch here due to a late start and failing light.
The rent is cheap here, too. (zero).  The gentle serenade of the river is
drowned out ever few minutes by a logging or natural gas truck powering
down the road.

The highlight of the day was Ch


ethwynd, a logging town in central
BC with truly amazing chainsaw sculptures, VERY impressive.  They result
from an annual competition with invited artists from around the world.
The level of detail is stunning, and each artist has only 3 days to complete
the sculpture. Here are a few of the photos.  At the time, the bench to rest tired legs out of the hot sun was  my favorite.

Just before dark a red fox approached my tent.  The first one I’ve
ever seen that was nearly coal black, and had a white tip on its tail.
Once it saw me it ran at warp speed in the opposite direction.  Guess
I need a shower pretty badly!

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