Riding4Research Day 20 Shepherd’s Crossing > Hudson’s Hope, BC 82 miles

Somewhere along the line the Alaska Highway transitioned
from being a major transport highway with great scenery
to being simply a transport road.  I had heard about the
oil and natural gas extraction in this part of BC but
little did I realize the scale of it and how many trucks
would use the Alaska Highway.  When wet, this final stretch
of the Alaska Highway became a long strip of muddy gravel
in the breakdown lane.

So it was good to get off the highway.  I made my way
to Forth St. John in the morning, a small city in
northeastern BC that feeds the oil/gas extraction industry,
it kinda is a hybrid between a quaint midwestern town
and a place out of the ex Soviet block; big apartment
buildings just pop up in random parts of the city.

But the city is definitely connected.  I got into a Safeway
market and bought 75 dollars of good looking food, including
8 very large cookies that didn’t last the day.

While I was food shopping my bike was getting a new chain
and brake pads at a local shop.  Five miles after leaving the
shop the new chain broke!  If chains are grass then my bike is a
weed eater.  I wonder if this one was due to installation error.
Fortunately I had a spare quick link and was able to fix
yet another chain mishap.


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  1. Yikes. Out of the shop, and into a road repair?? You go, Paul.

    I’ve heard that section of the route can also be tricky for truckers. Even more tricky during the winter months when it’s downright dangerous to have breakdowns. Hope you get through that stretch without further difficulty…!

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