Riding4Research Day 19 Buckinghorse River > Shepherd’s Crossing, BC 102 miles

A highly varied day.  I pedaled up some very steep grades in the heat, and then was chased by a nasty extended downpour later in the day.  I also passed a fatal car wreck, a case of distracted driving where a large truck rear ended a pickup.  A good reminder not to text and drive!

I got what I was looking for…after a lot of heat the last few days the rain completely enveloped me.  Long gone are the quiet stretches of the Alaska Highway with wildlife.  Now the highway is full of trucks – lots of trucks – that support the oil industry here.  Trucks blew by me, spewing mud and pebbles my way.  Somehow my bike made it through, grime and
all.  It will be good to leave this highway!  I begged a motel owner to let me give
my bike a badly needed bath.

At the very end of the day the sun briefly returned.  This is the only photo I took all day.


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