Riding4Research Day 18 Ft. Nelson > Buckinghorse River, BC 113 miles

Today was a crazy hard day through rolling countryside of the Rocky Mountain foothills.  Always stop for lunch after the tough hill, that was a mistake, wish I knew a tough one was coming!  All day long I cut through a never-ending sea of trees, hills, headwind, chip seal my constant companions.    It gets HOT here in BC!  It was easily 85F today, and no reprieve from the sun.  At 4 PM I found a little side dirt road,  rolled out my camping mat essentially in the middle of the road(no picnic waysides here in Canada), and took a cat nap.

95 miles into the day my chain failed again, having somehow got bent.  I finally made it to the campground at about 8 PM, and commenced my latest chain surgery.

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  1. Phew! Reading this just makes me tired! Scenery sound spectacular and the wildlife outside your tent (!) sounds exciting…. Great reading your blogs! Love Bon

  2. Hi Paul..! First check in on your blog for me. Kinda late considering how long you’ve been in the saddle..! Not surprising how many adventures you’re having along the way, your cross-country rides amaze me. And this one for such a great cause. I’ll follow more closely, hoping you have good weather and fair winds..!

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