Riding4Research Day 17, Tetsa River > Ft. Nelson, BC 70 miles

I thought that I was going to get a great night’s sleep. I was in bed early (9:30), and my badly blistered lips (a relic of my fishing trip) were finally allowing me to fall asleep (unlike other nights of the trip).  Suddenly at 4 AM, a loud crack, lightning all around me.  I ran for the laundry room of the campground, getting soaked in the process.  I never did get back to sleep.   The next thing I know, right before leaving the place, the owner accused me of using one of his high-rent cabins!   Apparently somebody else had to avoided the storm too, but he was adamant it was me.  Crazy the people you meet on a long journey, just like everywhere else, some good, some bad.

That was the bad, but now the good…At the Visitors Center her in Ft. Nelson I ran into a guy that stopped me, had half of his right lung removed, and now does road races in Disney World in January. It something like 4 different length races in 4 straight days.  Sounds almost as loony as biking across North America!  Anyway, it is really encouraging to have strangers walk up to me, strike up conversation, and cheer me on.  Especially this guy, who had a major pulmonary ailment and yet is now so optimistic about life.

Today featured a dramatic climb up to Steamboat Summit, the final mountain pass going south and east on the Alaska Highway.   It was really a spectacular scene, the spine of the Rockies, now behind me.


Alas, I will re-enter the Rockies and exit the Alaska Highway about 50 miles before it ends, apparently the truck traffic in this oil-rich foothills area is pretty bad, so the plan will be to descend on Prince George (a bit out of the way) and get a badly needed TLC session with the bike there, ride through the little mountain town of McBride (home of Scarecrow B and B, the best campground in the world!), then south and east on the Icefields parkway, right through the mind-warping scenery of Jasper and Banff. That’s a thousand miles right there, so by that time I will be 2500 hilly miles into the trip and needing some new legs.


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