Riding4Research Day 12 Teslin > Rancheria, Yukon 89 miles

This was a really good day of cycling, I met a lot of great folks on the last day of my 25th year of life.

In the morning I said goodbye to Paul Trepus and his buddy Larry; I had some long conversations with these guys about Canada and the outdoor opportunities up here. They were on their way to do a sheep hunt in a remote corner of this vast territory.

A breakfast omelet was not sitting well with me on the first hill out of Teslin.

The weather was cool to start (40 F) and then the clouds thickened and it started to rain. It had the strange effect of breaking up the day.

The clouds started lifting right around the time I saw a sign announcing the Continental Divide. I had forgotten where it is in Canada and depending on the route I take I may go up and over it several more times.  The divide is guarded by some steep hills and I had some nasty hills to contend with going up and over.  I celebrated the occasion by buying an $8 plate of fries and a local store that looked one or two seasons away from closing down.  A newfound canine companion got a few just to make sure I hadn’t lost my touch for giving human treats to dogs…


Here’s a couple short videos of the ride near the divide (didn’t want to lose control of the bike!).  (Will do later…bad internet connection for video uploading!)

I got into the campground in Rancheria, Yukon around 7:30 and met Linda Bouchard, she’s the wonderful owner of this little place and gave me a free hot meal and a place to stay ($60 anyway up here). She has been fighting lung cancer for three years, so our conversation got personal.  And coincidentally the Texas 4000 riders showed up, 20 students from UT that are raising funds for cancer research by riding from Austin to Anchorage.  These were a really great bunch of people and we had a great supper together.

Tomorrow I have a big fork in the road that will dictate the geographic trajectory for the rest of the trip. One route has less traffic, more bears and better scenery, and will put be through Jasper and Banff while the other is staying on the Alaska Highway, stopping at a hot springs right along the way, and going to the southern terminus of the AK Hwy in Dawson Creek.  Decisions….


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  1. , I met a lot of great folks on the last day of my 25th year of life……what does this mean? “Last day of my 25th year of life”. You freaked me out!

    1. Yeah, maybe not the best wording. And Paul wouldn’t pass for 26 with a team of stylists and a time machine! Thanks for the support! Please continue to share and like Paul’s adventures on Facebook.

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