Riding4Research Day 11, Marsh Lake > Teslin, Yukon 85 miles

I woke up to a cold rain and bundled up with a lot of gear that slowed progress to a snail’s pace.  The chip seal is the full width of the road here on the Alaska Highway.  A couple other bike tourers stopped me and advised a new route going south that would torpedo my present plans to stay on the Alaska Highway and try to find the Great Trail.

So far the Great Trail (I am supposed to be on it now) is a concoction of an internet wizard drawing some lines across a map!  Locals have never even heard of it!

A couple of Teslin First Nations folks stopped me and encouraged me to come to a free dinner.  I showed up in town around 6 and the line was well out the door.  Moose head was on the menu (!), so I decided to skip dinner and get a photo by a beautiful hand carving on the property of their cultural center.


This is about the time that my Mom would be divining my location and calling the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to get highway info, much as she did in 2008.  She would be nervous about my whereabouts and plans but already planning homemade blueberry pie and lobster dinners for my return!



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  1. Paul. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Dad specifically wanted me to pass along birthday wishes to you today and since I “trained” him how to access your web site, he checks into your blog every day and is grateful to know your whereabouts and track your journey!! David and I wish you a good day and look forward to feeding you a lobster dinner and blueberry pie at the lake house. Love you, Bonnie

  2. Uncle Paul!!!! Getting a kick out of these posts! This is really amazing and It seems like you’re really pushing ❤️ Happy Birthday 🎉

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