Riding4Research Day 9, Haines Junction > Whitehorse, Yukon 98 miles

This was a good day of pedaling. Long gone were the tough headwinds of yesterday.  For such mountainous terrain the road was relatively flat, at least by Canadian Rocky standards!

What a great hostel I stayed at in Haines Junction. But like many of these places, folks can be pretty nocturnal.  I left by 8:30 and not one of the 15 or so guests had stirred.  Working on maybe 4 hours of good sleep I pedaled at a few miles per hour to the local bakery.  I played with a big oaf of a black lab to wake myself up, of course this dog not nearly as smart, obedient, or beautiful as the one waiting for me back home 🙂

The traffic picked up considerably today. Its my hope that it drops back off…the lack of traffic really seems to help with the wildlife viewing.  Today I spotted a beautiful deer with its antlers in velvet, a coyote, and a great gray owl, my first one ever, it crossing just in front of me in broad daylight.

It’s always good to get feedback from fellow bike tourers. I stopped to chat with a couple from Mexico who were robbed of their paniers at the campground I intended to stay at in Whitehorse!   So I decided to move on to another location, farther out of town but I am not carrying anything extra that I can let the thieves take.  Here at this spot farther out of the city I feel fleetingly closer to home…check out dust graffiti and also the license plate!   Certainly make me feel closer to home than looking at my pedaled miles on North American map.  750 miles into the ride and barely a blip on the map!


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