Riding4Research Day 5, July 21st, Slana > Tok, AK 70 miles

Today was a tough day of hills, heat, and headwinds but the spectacular scenery was neck-bending in all directions. In the morning I awoke to the spectacular Mt. Sanford totally free of clouds.  I had to grab some photo and video memories of some of the scenery.



By midday the wind was pushing the leaves on the aspen trees upside down and towards me, a sure sign I was going to fight it for the rest of the day. And the powerful Alaska sun was in full force.  One can see with 14-16 hours of sunlight over the growing season how cold crops like rhubarb get so big.  The photo shows the size of some of the leaves on a rhubarb plant at the campground I stayed at Friday eve; the bike helmet is there for size comparison.


By late afternoon I entered the uninspiring frontier town of Tok and started southwest, now with the wind squarely on my back. By then a really nice campsite right on the side of the Tok River beckoned, and it is here that I decided to pack it in early and make camp at a very lovely site.

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