Dr. Jason Somarelli

Dr. Jason Somarelli is a Research Associate, Sr. in the Departments of Medicine and Orthopaedics and Director of Research for the Duke Comparative Oncology Group. Dr. Somarelli received his Master’s degree from SUNY Brockport, his PhD from Florida International University and completed his post-doctoral training at Duke University where he was recipient of an American Cancer Society Post-Doctoral Fellowship Award.

Dr. Somarelli’s research is focused on metastasis, the process by which cancer cells spread throughout the body. More than 90% of cancer patients die from metastasis, and Dr. Somarelli has is own personal connections to this deadly disease. After losing an uncle and a grandmother to metastatic cancer, he dedicated his life to finding better treatments for metastasis.

Dr. Somarelli takes a unique approach to studying metastatic cancer. As part of the Duke Cancer Institute Comparative Oncology Group, Dr. Somarelli studies the genes that promote metastasis in both dogs and humans. His group hopes that by identifying the common causes of metastasis in dogs and people, they will find better treatments for two species at once!


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