Riding4Research Day 68 Arching 4 The Atlantic IV Mebane>Dunn, NC 81 miles

It was great to catch up with Jason Somarelli and Megan Dunphy-Daly this
morning on the Duke campus.  I waged a lot of little battles with my legs and the traffic since I saw them last, so it feels like a long time. Jason has done a ton of stuff behind the scenes to make the R4R successful.  I am forever grateful that Jason was game for teaming up on a novel fundraising idea to benefit top-notch research at the Duke Cancer Institute, in my Mom’s memory.

Jason, Meagan, their daughter Avery, and I got an awesome breakfast at Foster’s, a must stop for me anytime I am through Durham again.  It is the best breakfast I’ve had all trip!

Jason and Meagan put me onto the American Tobacco Trail, an awesome biking/pedestrian trail on the west side of the Triangle.  Here I saw more bikers in 2 hours than the rest of the R4R combined.  What a scenic and carefree path through the loblolly pines of the piedmont.

All carefree stretches of biking on North America are short lived (IMO) and end all too soon.  Soon enough I was onto busy roads, with some motorists not too happy they had to slow down for a biker.  I passed over US Hwy Number 1.  I needed to snap a shot, for it is this forever-busy road I grew up a few hundred yards from in southeastern Pennsylvania.


The Triangle is an amazingly big and spread
out place, I took me 60 miles to cross it from the NW corner to the SW corner,
a distance across of the Phoenix metro area if I recall.   The traffic held on
long enough that I was once again grateful for a $300 GPS unit to route me
to safer roads late in the day.  How did I pedal 3 times across this continent
without it?!  I am still scratching my head at that one.

My legs have nothing left.  If I reach the Atlantic in another day it will be
on willpower alone.

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