Riding4Research Day 67 Hanging Rock State Park > Mebane, NC 101 miles

I am glad I did that climb uphill to Hanging Rock State Park campground in the dark.  It was steeper by daylight!  I am surprised I didn’t friction flat on the way down, I was braking that much!

The best stuff was in the morning.  Danbury is a really quaint town in the piedmont.  I had a really nice conversation with the owner of the coffee shop.  She lost two relatives to cancer.

I found some great secondary roads for biking in Stokes and Rockingham Counties…rolling, quiet, smooth roads.   But true to the journey, the good stuff just didn’t last long enough.  Soon I had to take some state roads that were narrow and busy, and with motorists that were driving very fast.  I detoured onto some quieter roads in the afternoon but soon enough got shunted into another busy state road.   With the trip winding down, it made me think about the best and worst of the trip….

Best roads:  Wyoming

Worst roads:  1. Montana 2. North Carolina 3. Virginia

Least trash:  Colorado

Most trash: Kentucky

Finest Day:  Big Hole River Valley, Montana: down hill, down wind along my new favorite trout river.

Toughest Day:  Day after my sickness, central Wyoming (not a close second)

Town I’d most like to pass through time and time again: tie: Anchorage, AK, Missoula, MT, Ennis, MT

Town I’d never like to see again: tie: Jeffrey City, WY

Toughest climb:  Lots to choose from…probably eastern KY on the TransAM route

Most harrowing moments of trip: Ohio River Bridge, IL>KY

Four letter cuss words for a bike tour: heat, hill, wind, truk

Nicest people I met: Texas 4000 students from UT.

State with the nicest folks: Nebraska (honorable mention Kansas)

Best coffee:  Black Coffee, Missoula, MT

Worst coffee: Lizzy’s Botique and Coffee, Red Cloud, NE; I watered the plants with it.

Finest climb: First time over the Continental Divide, Yukon…no traffic, incredible views.  Just the bike, the biker, and the hill.

In my next life, I will….pack obscenely light…no computer, no stove, no spare tire, no money-wasting foam (bear spray).



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